come previsto dal programma politico del governo americano

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by totokoko, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. totokoko New Member

    Can anyone help me to translate this sentence from Italian into English, please?

    "Come previsto dal programma politico del governo americano, oggi la politica internazionale [...]"

    This is a possible translation but I'm not sure it makes sense:

    "as anticipated by (or unveiled by) the US Government political programme, today's international politics"

    Another translation could be:

    "According to the US Government's manifesto, today's international politics [...]"

    but in my opinion it has a very different meaning if translated like that.

    Thank you
  2. CPA Senior Member

    British English/Italian - bilingual
    Ciao totokoko!

    As provided in...
  3. totokoko New Member

    Ciao CPA!

    as provided in rende benissimo l'idea era proprio ciò che cercavo. Ti ringrazio.

    a tuo avviso è preferibile US Government's manifesto oppure US Government's political program (programme)
  4. tranquilspaces

    tranquilspaces Senior Member

    Hi Totokoko,

    Are you writing this for a British audience? If so, I would trust CPA with my life.

    If you are writing for an American audience, I would say, "As provided FOR in the American political program..." However, we don't use the word "program" in the same way the Brits use "programme," so it's possible that a different word entirely would be required here, depending on the context.
  5. CPA Senior Member

    British English/Italian - bilingual
    Yes, as provided for in is more correct, though I have seen it contracted in legal agreements. I'm not sure about American or U.S. political programme/program (Google hits seem to refer to TV shows), but I definitely wouldn't use "manifesto".
  6. totokoko New Member

    Hi tranquilspaces,
    thank you very much for your contribution to my question. Actually I'm writing to a generic audience (which may also include non-English native speakers) thus I would like to keep it as simple as possible. I was not acquainted with this difference in the use of the word "program/programme". The word "manifesto" sounds to me too formal and tricky but it's the only word according to my Italian/English dictionary to translate "programma politico": the main points/ideas on which the political action of a Government or Party is based.

    Does political plan make sense to you?

    thank you very much :)
  7. tranquilspaces

    tranquilspaces Senior Member

    Yes, political plan works perfectly!
  8. totokoko New Member

    "as provided for in the U.S. Government's political plan, today's international politics [...]"

    I preferred the form U.S. Government's because in my opinion it's more explicit than American.

    thank you for your advice :)

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