come spacchi il minuto!


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Buona sera a tutti,

Kindly to help me. What does that mean of "come spacchi il minuto"?

Grazie mille.
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    Please write
    - the
    full original sentence
    - your translation attempt

    and provide some information about the
    context, thank you

    What does "provide some context " mean?
    How and in which forum to create - edit - post a thread correctly
    Hello Paul!
    Let me write fully sentence
    - A woman: Che ora è?
    - A man: è l'ora di fare un video sull'orario in italiano, dai su!
    - A woman: come spacchi il minuto!
    - A man: Non è colpa mia...
    The context used to ask time in Italia language.
    I suppose that she said : "take a break" but am not sure, so i want to ask everyone about my concern

    Thank you!
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