come vs gather vs get


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Here is a sentence from my homework at school:
" Let's ..............(come, gather, get, meet) together after work and thrash this out between us."
I chose "get" => wrong
My teacher said it must have been "come", but I don't see any difference between come ,gather, get
Meet is absolutely wrong!
Why can she do this sentence correctly???
  • PaulQ

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    Hmmm... 'come' is the only one I would reject completely.

    gather and meet could be dismissed as the only way you can gather of meet is "together" and therefore together is a pleonasm. However, the "together" can be justified by saying the the speaker is emphasising the unity and inclusiveness that is required.

    "Get" is a utility verb - it can mean anything - it usually activates the following noun or noun phrase, so that will work, and indeed the phrasal "to get together" has a noun - a 'get-together' = a social or informal meeting.

    Your teacher is wrong.
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