Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming

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Hi! :)

I have this very old song that I'm having trouble understanding. It was published in 1885 (author, Stephen Foster, died in 1864), so It's okay to copy it here, copyright-wise.

The entire song can be seen here:
It's pretty repetitive so what I'll ask covers most of it.

1. Come where my love lies dreaming,
Is the singer stating "I want to go where my love lies"? He wants someone else to? Or does it simply mean "In the place where my love lies dreaming"?​

2. Dreaming the happy hours away,
Is she dreaming about some happy hours, or dreaming for hours?​

3. In visions bright redeeming The fleeting joys of day
Does it mean "redeeming the fleeting joys of day with bright visions" and it's just phrased archaically, or is there a different meaning?​

4. Come where my love lies dreaming, Come with a lute-toned lay
Like the first line - who is coming with a lute-toned lay?

Thanks a lot!
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