Comic's Dialogs : Some Doubts !

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I'm drawer and I was putting the dialogue in my comics and a doubt appeared, if these sentences were correct:

Now I understand why things get the same end (Agora eu entendo porque as coisas terminam da mesma forma.)
She leads so easy as a dog does. (Ela me conduz tão facil quanto um cão "faz".)
I'm still hating to see you crying, my baby. (Eu ainda odeio ver você chorando, minha querida.)

They seem simple but if there are some error, I don't got it.

  • Brass

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    Portuguese (Brazilian)
    Hi, englishcore.
    I am no native but, assuming you intend to make a translation from Portuguese to English, I think it would sound better with some changes:

    "Now I understand why things end the same way". (Agora eu entendo porque as coisas terminam da mesma forma.)
    "She leads me as easily as a dog would (do)". (Ela me conduz tão facilmente quanto um cão o faria)
    "I still hate to see you crying, (my) darling". (Eu ainda odeio vê-la chorando, minha querida.)

    Again, I am no native, but I feel it would sound better this way.


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    US English
    Brass's sentences are great. The only thing that's a little funny is the one about the dog. Should it be, "she leads me as easily as one would lead a dog"...? However, I guess that depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your comic. As for the last sentence, I think the appropriate translation of "minha querida" really could be a regional/personal-preference thing. As for me, I would probably say, "I still hate to see you cry, my love."
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