coming down / word I might have ate

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Erik 182

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Hey All,

"I feel good when I know you're coming down"
Could you plz write to me synonyms of coming down?

What does this sentence mean below?
"Just tell me the words I might have ate"

  • timpeac

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    English (England)
    Hello. With no context sentence 1 is hard to interpret.

    I think most likely it means "coming to visit" when you live geographically south of the other person. They could ask you equally when you are coming up to visit them. The other thing that occurs is coming down from a drugs high. So I feel good when I know you are becoming more like your normal self.

    Your second sentence is not understandable - the grammar is not right and even if you guess at the correct grammar (eaten instead of ate) it doesn't make any sense to me. There is a set phrase "to eat your words" that means "to admit that what you were saying was not true" but I can't see how that would work here.

    Erik 182

    Senior Member
    Sentence one is bingo - coming to visit

    About sentence two:
    It's a song (Green Day - Words I Might Have Ate)

    Tell me the words I might have said...
    It's pumping pressure
    Deep inside my head
    Was it bad enough to be too late?
    Just tell me the words I might have ate

    Yes, you're perfectly right that it should be eaten because of present perfect but I have no idea what it can mean in that context.
    If anybody gets the clue to it, please let me know.



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    Well sometimes language usage in songs is simply to fit in with the rhymes and rythms of the song of course.

    There is another phrase "to bite your words back" or "to bite your tongue" which means that you hold yourself back from making a comment that you would have liked to make because you know it will cause an argument. So I wonder if it means, following on from the first line "tell me the words I might have said", "tell me the words I should not have said".


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    I agree with that interpretation. It most likely means "tell me the words I might have withheld," as juxtaposed with the earlier "tell me the words I might have said."
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