comisaría de familia

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  1. jvcastel Member

    Colombia - Spanish
    Hello. I would like to know how to translate "comisaría de familia" into English. I have found that "comisaría" is translated as "police station", but I don't think "family station" or something similar is an accurate translation.

  2. Ogidni New Member

    USA English
    can you tell me the context?
  3. jvcastel Member

    Colombia - Spanish
    Well, "comisaría familiar" is a place related to social services, where familiy members solve their problems. The context of the expression is:

    "Voy a trabajar en una comisaría familiar o en el ICBF (Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar)"
  4. Ogidni New Member

    USA English
    ah -- Family Service Agency (Family Services Agency is also used -- both would be considered correct).
  5. Ogidni New Member

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    It just occurred to me:
    Family Welfare Agency is probably even better.
  6. jvcastel Member

    Colombia - Spanish
    Thank you!
  7. hcnd06a Senior Member

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    What about "social services agency" or "Department of Social Services"?
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  8. jvcastel Member

    Colombia - Spanish
    This sounds good. Thank you.

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