comma after ‘and’; capital letter with colon [conjunction]: And,...


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Hi folks,

I just stumbled about a sentence which I think is wrong, but maybe you all know better...

It is from a paragraph which states the different tasks of a team. At the end, it says:
"And, everyone has the same goal: A satisfied customer."

Is the comma after "and" correct?

And what about the piece after the colon:
Is it right to capitalize it?

Thanks a lot for your help!
  • If that's the complete sentence, you're right - there shouldn't be a comma. As for the capital "A" after the colon, that could just be a style preference. This sounds like marketing jargon to me and they take all kinds of weird and wonderful liberties. But the comma definitely has to go.
    I see no justification for the comma in written English. If this is an attempt at recorded speech, as in a script, the comma may have been used to indicate a long pause between words. I think it is wrong in any case. There are better ways to give actors instructions.