comma after discourse marker [necessary?]: furthermore, moreover

Discussion in 'English Only' started by andersxman, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. andersxman Senior Member

    When starting a phrase with the following discourse markers, is the comma obligatory? Or maybe there shouldn't be one at all?

    For example(,)



  2. rsweet

    rsweet Senior Member

    English, North America
    I was taught to place a comma after all these words except "further," which is not often used as an introductory word in AE. If it's used in the same way as "furthermore," however:) , a comma would be appropriate.
  3. DavyBCN Senior Member

    UK - English
    Absolutely agree from a BE viewpoint.
  4. andersxman Senior Member

    Same thing goes for "thus", "hence", "therefore"?

    I supposed there's a never-ending list of examples to ask, that doesn't come to mind in this instance. I reckon the answer is "yes, discourse markes are succeeded by a comma"?

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