comma after 'etc.' [abbreviation]: strippers, bongs, etc., and guns


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If 'etc.' does not end a sentence, should you use a comma - i.e. "The room was full of party decorations, including strippers, bongs, etc., and machine guns.
  • You might use a comma after an "et cetera" in mid sentence. However, since in your sentence you are already using the open-ended word "includes", the "etc." is unnecessary.

    I will also point out that most people would not think of strippers, bongs, or machine guns as "party decorations"!!
    Yes, the abbreviation etc. is traditionally both preceded and followed by a comma.

    Lions, tigers, bears, etc., in transit must be confined to cages.
    Where is the lead-pipe rule which states that you cannot end a sentence with etc.? I do it all the time except when I end a series of names with etal.