comma after 'now' [adverb]: So now, he would like to have...

Tenacious Learner

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Hi teachers,
Do I need a comma after 'now'?
So now he would like to have a car, but he must buy a cheap one because he doesn't have a lot of money.

Thanks in advance
  • Roymalika

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    I can't see any reason for using a comma after "now" in that sentence, TS.

    Hi, owlman.

    Science has performed wonders in the field of medicine. Now, even the fatal diseases have been controlled.

    Is the comma after "now" in this sentence mendatory?


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    I wouldn't put a comma after "now" in that case as it would be slightly misleading.

    A comma after an introductory "now" suggests that the adverb is used to introduce a new topic or line of thought (as in "Now, I'm not saying you're wrong.") and that it shouldn't be understood to mean "nowadays."

    (Compare "now" as an adverb, senses 5 and 6, in the WR English dictionary.)