comma after 'thank you' [interjection]: Thank you, X.


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Hi there! :)

Is a comma necessary in short expressions like this: "Thank you(,) X." (where X is some person). There is a similiar situation in a little bit longer expressions like this: "Thank you for Y(,) X." (where Y is something we thank some person X for). As far as a question of some example goes we can take a look at a caption that turns up here, in the forum, when we log in. That's: "Thank you for logging in, X."

Well, first in these expressions the person's name is vital, isn't it? Second if we said that, we wouldn't pause after saying "thank you", would we? That's just a one, flowing sentence, right?

Many thanks in advance! :)
  • As I imagine myself saying "Thank you, [name]" to a variety of people in a variety of situations*, in my mind I hear a short pause before the name.

    *Such as "Thank you, Your Highness" to the king of Sweden on his awarding me the Nobel Prize in Answering.
    But if your close friend did something for you, would you really pause before his name? Not a short, flowing expression, like: "Thank you Joe!"?