Comma after "Typically"


Hi guys,

I have a question about a comma in the following sentence:

Typically funeral arrangements will include ....

I have a feeling there's a comma after "Typically", but I'm not a native speaker and I don't know the rule, so I might be wrong. What's correct, with or without this comma?

Kind regards to all...
  • perpend

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    I guess there are two ways to look at it.

    With "typically", I'd use a comma: Typically, funeral arrangements will include ...

    If you use "typical", I would not use a comma: Typical funeral arrangements will include ...


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    There aren't any rules for commas. Almost always, you can put it in or leave it out, your choice. It depends how you say it. Typically, 'typically' at the beginning will have a falling-rising tone, and a kind of pause after it, so I'd use a comma. But I could also say it with level intonation all the way through, without pausing, and if I said that in a particular sentence, I wouldn't write a comma.
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