comma before 'and' [conjunction]: It's the latest product, and it's



I have got the following sentence:

"It's the latest product released by the company (,) and it's the best thing I have used"

Is the comma there needed? Or is it good without it?

What about this one:

"I bought it (,) and I will use it later on."

  • Yes, the comma is necessary in both sentences. In both cases you have a compound sentence--one that is made up of two complete independent clauses. (That means each half of the sentence has a subject and a verb, and it could be a complete sentence without the other half.) Punctuation rules require a comma before the conjunction.
    I'm sure you're right, Miss Fit, and I would use a comma in both cases (exactly as in Finnish). But as far as I've seen written English they seldom use commas in these cases, between two independent clauses.

    It seems that the punctuation rules are not very popular among the English speakers, are they?
    In both of these cases, it would be fine to leave out the comma. The sentences both make complete sense without it.