comma before 'and' [serial comma]: big bikes, big cars, and big boats

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    I think I have seen this question here before - I think it's acceptable either to put a comma before "and" at the end of a list or not.

    ps - it should be I love big cars etc in the plural.


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    There are two rules: one rule is "Use a comma" before and (before the last in the list of things) and the other rule is "Don't use a comma" You should follow one rule or the other and not switch back and forth. The "Rule" that says "Use a comma" can be found by searching for "Harvard comma" or "Oxford comma", the style guides of both outfits recommend the use of the comma. Others don't.


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    Hi timpeac thank you so mean the standard (formal letter) use about the comma here has 2 !
    Hi Camlearner, No I don't think I mean that. There is no standard formal letter grammar standards. I mean that, as far as I know, both

    I love big bikes, big cars and big boats.


    I love big bikes, big cars, and big boats.

    are acceptable.