comma before 'and' [serial comma]: Start..., take..., and be ready...

Should I use a comma in the following case? I think yes, but still want to know your opinion, guys) Thanks in advance.

Start creating a new life, take the initiative in your hands(,) and be ready for new positive changes!
  • When I have three sets of five or more words and they're in a list, I use a comma before the last item. It's a kindness for the reader.
    Different theories of English grammar (and different style guides) say that either a comma is required before "and" at the end of a list or it is incorrect. In other words, either way can be correct. Personally, I grew up learning that we do not use a comma before "and" in this context.

    You can read more about this in the many previous threads on the topic, which I found by typing comma before and into the Dictionary search box at the top of the page.

    Before and have comma (,) or no?
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    Comma before AND
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    Well, the thing is that I am not a native speaker and have read a bunch of literature on this topic (the so-called serial comma), but so many men, so many minds. As I see, there's no common opinion on this case. But, to be honest, I would still use one to detach 3 independent clauses. Any ideas? :)
    No particular ideas, except that I would definitely not. :D You're not wrong, and neither am I. We just chose to follow different guidelines.

    I would say use it if you would like to. A large section of the English-reading public would agree with you. Another large section wouldn't write it that way, but we wouldn't be particularly bothered if you chose to follow the other camp. ;)