comma before 'as' / 'like' [conjunction]: gives orders to me, as an


Are these sentences correct with the given meanings:

1-He talks to me like a teacher to a student.
2-He talks to me as a teacher would to a student.
(MEANING: He talks to me in the same manner a teacher would talk to a student.)

3-He gives orders to me, like an officer to a soldier.
4-He gives orders to me, as an officer would to a soldier.
(MEANING OF 3 & 4: 'He gives orders to me and that is what an officer would do in regards to a soldier. The act is the same although the manner might not be.")
  • I agree with mizzi nash.

    1+3 are common, but colloquial.
    2+4 are equally common, and as mizzi said, more "natural-sounding".