comma before 'goodbye' [interjection]: if it be your will, goodbye.


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Hi guys. Just a quick question, if I may? Have I placed the comma correctly in the following:'.... and if it be your will, goodbye.'Thanks for any input.
  • Hi Egmont, you guess right. Off the top of my head, as it was sent a few months back (I know, long time, but nothing like making a schoolboy error to muck up the serious gravity of some emotional correspondence) it went thusly:'Farewell, and if it be your will, goodbye.'Does that change matters?
    Since it confirms my assumption, it doesn't, but if had been something else, it might have.

    The comma is in the right place.

    If the rest of it fits your writing style, that's fine too. Style is personal. Things like that aren't right or wrong.

    If you were the one who was dumped, you have my sympathy. There are, fortunately, many fish in whatever ocean you're in. May you find yours soon!