comma before present participle / adjective phrase: laughed, lost in


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Dear friends, =)

Why are these two commas put in this sentence??? What`s the constructions?

He could imagine lying beside her in bed at the end of the day (,) holding her while they talked and laughed (,) lost in each other`s arms.

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    Well the first one separates the 'holding' clause from the closest possible referent. Without that comma, it would be natural to read it as a construction 'her in X doing Y', that is she is in X and she is doing Y. For example:

    He imagined her in bed tossing and turning.

    With the comma, this reading is less likely - the separation is a sign that the 'doing Y' goes with something even earlier in the sentence ('he'). I don't think you strictly need this comma, but it makes the sentence easier to read in its correct meaning.

    The second comma is obligatory, but it's harder to say why. I suppose without it you'd get 'laughed lost' together - 'lost in each other's arms' was the way they laughed, which makes no sense. So the comma separates those, and again it is a sign that the 'lost' phrase refers to something earlier. It relates to 'they', not really to their talking and laughing.


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    entangledbank, thank you so much for the help!!!!)))

    Copyright, sure. =) It`s "Dear John" by Nicolas Sparks. I`m using it to learn the language.