comma before second 'and' [conjunction]: of pills and their risks and


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The patient’s immune system reactivates and, in most cases, gradually destroys the transplant, which is no longer needed. Life goes back to normal, free from a daily schedule of pills and their risks and expense. ---taken from The NYT

Dear all,

Could you tell me whether the first and should be replaced with a comma?

  • If you did, you would create a list of three things: (1) a daily schedule of pills, (2) their risks, (3) expense. The patient would be free of each of these things: they would be free of expense, in particular. I don't think this is meant.

    As it stands, the sentence contains a list of two things: (1) a daily schedule of pills, (2) their risks and expense. Item (2) internally contains another two-item list, with 'their' covering both sub-items. The patient is free of their expense [i.e. the expense of the pills]. There might or might not be other expenses.

    That said, few people know how to punctuate lists coherently. (He said, going by sad experience at work.)
    It certainly sounds a lot better to me with those two ands, LQZ ~ it's almost like three entirely separate entities: (1) a daily schedule of pills, (2) [a daily schedule of] all the risks associated with taking pills, (3) [a daily schedule of worry about] the expense of taking pills.
    It sounds remarkably 'flat' without the two ands.
    I hope someone will come along with some kind of grammatical explanation. (I can't think of one:eek:)
    ewie's interpretation of exactly what is listed is also possible, and I considered it, but I didn't think a daily schedule of risks made enough sense, nor a daily schedule of expense. In this the layering is:

    free from a daily schedule of [[pills] and [their [risks and expense]]]

    My interpretation would be:

    free from [[a daily schedule of pills] and [their [risks and expense]]]

    And this is a grammatical explanation, you!
    Thank you, ewie. :)
    I agree with entangledband, for risks and expense are not daily schedules.