comma before 'such as': in one to others, such as swimming and squash

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    Hello everyone,

    Please help me to understand why a comma is used before the word "such as" (not the one between dashes) in following situation:

    "AIS scientists work across a number of sports, applying skills learned in one - such as building muscle strength in golfers - to others, such as swimming and squash."

    Regularly I see "such as" is used right after the word it modifies, but in this case does it modify "others"?

    Moreover, what is the difference between "such as something" and "such something as ..."

    Thank you!
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    Have you already checked this out in the WR dictionary and the many threads (see here) which also exist on the subject?.;)
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    In my opinion, the comma after "others" here is optional; I would omit it.

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