comma between month and year [date]: went there in August, 2005


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I couldn't find anywhere the correct form. I know almost nobody would use a comma, and go for the Month Year format, but I have this text full of phrases like He went there in August, 2005, The activity was discovered in July, 2003...
Should I delete the commas?

Thank you!
  • In my opinion you should keep the comma.

    (although it is difficult to imagine a context where you would say "dead in 2005". More likely to use "Died in 2005", "dead by 2005", "dead before 2005" etc. Where does the text come from?)
    Thank you all for your help!
    Since it doesn't seem to be a general consensus on this, I guess I will just leave the commas, although I believe the text would have been OK without them too.

    @Spira: I didn't use actual quotes from the text, since they would have been really long and boring - it is a bank report :) So the "dead in 2005" is all my doing!