comma or slash in survey: Whom did you...? - Coworker/boss/teacher


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I'm designing a survey that's 25,000 people will see and am obsessing over commas versus slashes. Should I write

Whom did you spend time with?
- Current coworker/boss/teacher
- Former coworker/boss/teacher
- Current spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/date
- Ex-spouse/ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend/ex-date


Whom did you spend time with?
- Current coworker, boss, teacher
- Former coworker, boss, teacher
- Current spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, date
- Ex-spouse, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-date

Are both acceptable? Is there a preferred? Would love some feedback/opinions! :)
  • Thx owl man! Yeah, I saw the Wikipedia article. It wasn't very definitive, saying they're "sometimes used" so I'm hoping to get some second opinions.
    My business is designing, administering, and analyzing sample surveys in English, and I wouldn't word response choices like that with either slashes or commas, and especially not with slashes. In part, the wording would depend on what kind of introduction you had given and on the method of administration. To begin, I would use commas and an "or": "My current coworkers, supervisor, or teacher."

    A comprehensive questionnaire critique is beyond the scope of this forum, and I get paid for doing that. I suggest that you find an experienced questionnaire designer.
    Fabulist, I really like your addition of "or"; makes the series read much better now. Thanks! I would hire a pro, but unfortunately this is an academic survey with no budget, so very much a DIY project.