comma splice or apposition: he slowed at the turn, the turn that


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"He followed the road back and slowed at the first turn, the turn that brought the cabins into view."

Are these two separate sentences? If the later one, which I think is a sentence, is not a sentence, then what type of phrase/clause is it?
  • It cannot be a complete sentence because it
    lacks a subject and predicate (verb).
    I agree with xqby. The entire phrase "the turn that brought ... view" functions like an adjective, describing "first turn".

    I agree that it is a noun phrase, because you could say:
    The turn that brought the cabins into view (Subject)
    was (Verb)
    [whatever you want to add, for example]
    the first turn he came to
    clearly marked with a sign
    dangerously sharp,
    Yes, it's an appositive, an appositive of the kind that repeats the noun and adds an adjective phrase to further describe it.

    It's not a comma splice as the phrase following the comma is not an independent clause.