comma splice or apposition: There were more messages, one from G and

English - Australian
"There were more messages of well wishers, one from Gregory and even one from Mathew."

If this is a comma splice, is it an acceptable case? If it is less than optimal, what is the correct mark?
  • By correct mark, I was wondering if a semicolon might be the correct device. Since I dont have a conjunction, I was confused what rule my comma was following. I want to understand the rules so that I can recognise if my grammar is appropriate.
    I think a comma works fine. Alternatives would be a dash or a colon, not a semi-colon. The last bit is an elaboration of messages: who they are from. (I've done the same thing in my last sentence: the bit after the colon expands on elaboration. And in the previous sentence too. :eek: <Message to self: stop it and don't be annoying!>)

    The grammatical term for this is apposition.