comma splice or not: Yeah, you're right, it's about us.


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Yeah, you're right, it's about us.

Is this one sentence or is there a comma splice within this sentence?
If it is a complete sentence, then what part does the ' you're right' part play in the sentence?

Thank you.
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    "You're right" and "it's about us" are two independent clauses, I believe. The structure of the whole sentence could be made to comply with grammar rules in different ways, though the text as you wrote it would be an adequate representation of an idiomatic line of dialog or speech.

    Yeah, you're right: it's about us.


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    Although it has the form of a full clause, it's just acting as a supplement to the main clause, like 'I mean' or 'you know'; it's not strong enough to worry about this counting as a comma splice.