comma with adjective: It was a bright, beautiful, sunny day.

Discussion in 'English Only' started by tester, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. tester New Member

    It was a bright, beatiful , sunny day. or...
    It was a bright beautiful, sunny day. or ...
    It was a bright, beutiful, sunny, day...


  2. ><FISH'> Senior Member

    United Kingdom
    British English
    "It was a bright, beautiful, sunny day".
  3. tester New Member


    I thought so but wanted to confirm ... thank youuu
  4. tester New Member

    and with (a)before bright?? for sure? :)
  5. Antoine de Tyssandier

    Antoine de Tyssandier Member

    Yes, there is an 'a'.
  6. Perseas Senior Member

    It was a bright beautiful sunny day.

    My suggestion: why not consider the underlined part as a notional unit, which is defined by "bright" ? I think we could.
  7. xjm Senior Member

    WI, USA
    English - USA
    Every English teacher I've ever known would mark this wrong. :) At the least, there needs to be a comma between "bright" and "beautiful." I might write "a beautiful sunny day" without commas, but three adjectives seems to trip the limit for me, both intonationally and prescriptively. :)

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