comma with apposition: A convert to the Uniate Church, one of the


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Which of the two nouns the description after the comma refers to:

An Orthodox convert to the Uniate Church, one of the leading figures in that camp over the preceding twenty years, made a scandalous attack on Greek Catholicism and publicly "converted" to Roman Catholicism.

Is it Orthodox convert or Uniate Church that was 'one of the leading figures...' and 'publicly converted to Roman Catholicism'?

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    It is the Orthodox convert. A 'leading figure' is usually a person, and people, not institutions converted to Catholicism.

    We express these ideas differently when we talk about institutions such as churches.

    : I was so busy answering that I forgot to ask: where did you see this?
    In this forum, we ask you to Name the source of any quoted material from websites or print sources (Rule 4).
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    Im terribly sorry for not replying sooner than that.

    First of all, thank you for your comment, it was very useful.

    Secondly the source of the quotation is :

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    Ops, I was not able to post the URL to the quotation as I got the msg that new memebers are not allowed to 'post links'. But it is from the article ''Vilnius, 1640: Peoples, Confessions, and Languages in Contact'' written by David A. Frick, Slavic Department, Berkeley.