comma with 'from X to Y' in list [preposition]: from conception to

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Hi all,

In the following sentence, should I use listing commas? i.e. from conception, to birth, to ....

The following chapter outlines the complete process: from conception to birth to early-childhood to adulthood and finally to old age.
  • I would say no... it reads easily as it is.
    P.S. I don't know that "early childhood" needs to be hyphenated, but if you feel it helps in a sentence without commas that features mostly one-word stages, then it's fine with me. :)
    Thanks copyright. You're right, it's not hyphenated. I substitute text when I am submitting a query because I'm not sure how sensitive plagiarism software is and it's not my work (as in I'm reading it for someone else). It was still wrong though!