comma with 'though' [adverb]: it must be noted though that this is


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A quick question for native English speakers, please. (if there is a difference, BE would be prefer to AE)
Which is right/better:

-It must be noted though that this is.....
-It must be noted though, that this is.....
-It must be noted, though, that this is.....

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    Commas! Widely abused, usually by me.

    I would say that the second example looks the best - although I'm sure that there are some people who would not use a comma at all.

    When I use commas, I use them to mark a natural break in my reading as if I were reading the sentence out. I generally use them to break up clauses in my sentences. I always seem to be over using them though.


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    -It must be noted though that this is.....

    I would think very carefully about removing everything before "this ...".

    The words "It must be noted" and "though" are unlikely to be adding any value /meaning to the sentence.

    I wouldn't bother making this point except that I have a colleague who insists on drafting everything with lots of these, and I generally delete them all.


    I would be cautious about deleting any reference to "it must be noted, though, that...." as it might be a cautionary alert, as in "It must be noted, though, that this is an extremely dangerous procedure and should only be undertaken by a trained operative."


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    A vote for a comma before and after, since it could be cut from the sentence leaving an understandable sentence behind.