comma with 'though' / 'however' [adverb]: why placed before the verb?


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Hi grammar experts!!

Please help me out!!

I just happened to come across these sentences like " My current obsession though, is comedy sketch show." and "The rum, however, is not essential."

As far as I know, they both are used as adverbs... but The adverb positions after be before auxiliary verbs, right?

How come though and however can be placed before is after the comma???

I'm really confused...

Please help!!!

Thank you all...
  • lucas-sp

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    Hi there!

    There are just two tiny errors in your sentence:
    "My current obsession, though, is comedy sketch shows."
    The reason that "however," "though," "nevertheless," "indeed," "for that matter," etc. don't need to go right next to the verb is that these adverbs modify the entire sentence. They describe the way in which the entire sentence relates to the sentences that have gone before it. So we have more flexibility in terms of where we can put them:

    However, the rum is not essential.
    The rum, however, is not essential.
    The rum is, however, not essential.
    The rum is not, however, essential. (this would be much less common and natural than the other options here)
    The rum is not essential, however.