command sympathy, command agreement/support

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Source: Collins Cobuild Advanced Dictionary:
2 N-UNCOUNT If you have sympathy with someone's ideas or opinions, you agree with them.[also N in pl, oft N with/for n]

"Lithuania still commands considerable international sympathy for its cause."

I can roughly understand the sentence above, but not exactly.I am uncertain what does commands considerable international sympathy mean between 'commands considerable international agreement/support' or otherwise. Is it okay if I consider the word in the sentence as the similar like 'support'?
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    Here, sympathy is a feeling, the wish to be helpful. If that is what you mean by 'support', then I would say that your understanding is correct.

    It isn't 'support' in the material sense, like food or money. If other countries have sympathy for Lithuania, they may provide support of that kind.
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