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The full sentence is "il est temps que la France retrouve «toute sa place» dans le commandement intégré de l'Alliance. " I've got to "It is the time that France finds her "rightful place" in.....
It's about France returning to NATO.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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    Hello internmadrid,

    I can propose you the following translation:
    "It is high time for France to find back her whole place in the integrated army command of the Alliance".

    Let me know if it helps!


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    I don't think you can talk about 'joint leadership'. NATO has very little military staff of its own, and each country command their own forces in NATO operations.
    I agree joint leadership doesn't work. But it's not quite true that each country commands their own forces : most of the time NATO forces are not engaged in NATO operations and are commanded by their national comand structure. But when they are deployed on a NATO Operation, they are integrated into a NATO command structure - units can receive orders from the commander of the larger military force to which they are attached, and this commander may well be from a different country. The chain of command can be composed of personnel from several different member countries.


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    Thanks to you both for explaining. Integrated command structure didn't seem very self explanatory to me .. hence my (inaccurate) attempt at simplification. Feedback on that appreciated too. The term is relevant once more.