comme chaque année

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  1. Overton Senior Member

    What is the most natural way to say "comme chaque année" when it is at the beginning of a sentence?

    - as every year, ... ?
    - like every year, ... ?

    My sentence is: "Comme chaque année, nous faisons appel à vous pour..."

    Thanks for giving me the benefit of your wisdom...
  2. Tabac Senior Member

    Pacific Northwest (USA)
    U. S. - English
    I would use as "in/during" every year. Technically, "as" is used as an adverb, as in this case. "Like" every year would be used "this year is like any year".
  3. emma42 Senior Member

    North East USA
    British English
    Bonjour overton. A mon avis, c'est une question de style. Tous les deux iraient bien. Et, il y en a des autres. Peux-tu nous donner un peu plus de contexte pour mieux comprendre le style?
  4. kertek

    kertek Senior Member

    UK English
    "As/like/in/during every year" all sound a little odd to me. I would go for something like "As in previous years, we are calling...", or use "...our annual call..."
  5. emma42 Senior Member

    North East USA
    British English
    Honestly, they don't sound funny to me. In fact, "As in previous years..." sounds unnecessarily wordy.;)
  6. annabananasplitx Senior Member

    Upstate NY, USA
    US, English
    I would just say plain old "Each year..." But it really is a question of style.
  7. TJB

    TJB Senior Member

    UK / English
    I agree with kertek. "As/Like/... every year,..." does not sound natural. "As in previous years,..." sounds good and I would suggest "As always,..." as an alternative.
  8. Ilyaness Zedez Member

    Arabic, French
    what about "as usual,.."
  9. TJB

    TJB Senior Member

    UK / English
    Yes indeed!
  10. queenbu New Member

    As is the case every year....................What do you think?
  11. DrD

    DrD Senior Member

    Cantal, France
    England English
    This year, as we do every year, we are appealing... ?

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