comme lesté de plomb

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England, English
The original context is: "Ses mouvements sont trop est très fort et son sabre en bois est comme lesté de plomb!"

How would I say the last part in English?

According to WR:
lesté = ballasted (something to do with stabilising). I had never heard of this word before.
plomb = lead

My guess is something like " strong/dense as lead".

Thanks for any help.:cool:
  • zam

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    England -french (mother tongue) & english
    It just means that it's incredibly sturdy and weighs a ton, as if it'd been filled with lead

    'Ballast' = 'lest', on air balloons for instance (to jettison ballast=jeter du lest). Can also be used in english/french in a figurative way.
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