Comme si j'avais envie d'y aller !

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I wonder whether I can translate "like" with "comme si" when I want to show that it is obvious the following is wrong.

To illustrate, someone I hate invited me to a party. Then, in private, I confess to a friend :
"Comme si j'avais envie d'y aller !"
So it means : "Of course, I don't want to go there at all !"

Could I say : "Like I wanted to go there !" ?

If I'm not wrong, I have already read a sort of equivalent with "as if" :
"As if I wanted to go there !"

So, is it possible to use like in this context ?
If both can be used, which one is better ? At least in this context ?

Thanks. :)
  • slowpoke

    Hi Rémaill,

    You are correct, at least in California English, where it is quite common to say, "Like I really wanted to go there!", when you mean that you wouldn't be caught dead at that party.

    "As if I wanted to go there!" is also correct and is better English.
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