comment ça va, le moral ?

Jean-Michel Carrère

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French from France
Comment ça va, les affaires ? : How is business ?
Comment ça va, le boulot ? : how is work ?

but comment ça va, le moral ?
How is the morale ? doesn't sound too good ... or does it ?

Thank you for your help.
  • Novanas

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    It seems to me the most likely thing would be, "How's your morale?" But I don't think we'd say that.

    A boss might say, "Employee morale is high/low/good/poor."
    A coach might say, "The team's morale is high/low/good/poor."

    But I don't think we'd ask this question, "How's your morale?"

    I think what we'd probably say is, "How are you coping?" E.g., if someone is having problems at work/at home/ with the kids, we might ask, "How are you coping at work/at home/with the kids?"

    But wait to see if someone else has other ideas.


    Hummmm i don't think either that English people would say "how is your morale", if asked that, i would think that the person is referring to my values or ethics. i “googled” “how is your morale” and got only one hit :

    to ask "comment va le moral" i'd say :
    -how have you been feeling lately ?
    -how are you doing ?
    -are you alright ?
    -everything's fine ?

    and, strangely i feel like the answers are closer to your idea of "moral".
    -i'm in high/low spirits
    -i feel elated, great or on the contrary … I feel down, dejected, despondent
    -i'm in/out of shape = je suis en grande/petite forme (though I think it mainly refers to your physical condition)

    hope it helped !
    note: if i'm wrong somewhere, please, do correct me. thanks !
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