1. transalpino Senior Member

    Hola a todos,
    ¿alguien podría decirme a qué equivale en el mundo periodístico español el cargo de «comment editor» en Gran Bretaña? Yo diría que equivale al puesto de «jefe de opinión», pero no encuentro confirmación por ningún sitio.

    Mil gracias.
  2. Chez Senior Member

    English English
    Hi transalpino, I'm British and I've never heard of this specific post. Nor could I find any references on Google (just like you). Many newspapers have pages for letters from the public and they are sometimes called something like 'Your comments', so it could be the person who sorts, chooses and edits which letters from the public will be printed, but, as I say, I don't think it's a standard name for a newspaper post.

    Sorry! I guess your only option is to find out exactly what it means in this specific context and try to translate it accordingly.
  3. transalpino Senior Member

    Thank you, Chez, for your clarifying "comment". I think it could rather be someting like «redactor de opinión».
    Thanks a lot!

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