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What's the common word used for (wall) comments in Chinese-language social networks like 人人 rénrén, facebook, etc.? By that I mean, when you post something in your wall, and somebody replies to it, what's the word (or maybe words) used for this reply?

  • Hi, Neqitan.
    I think the most general terms are:
    Wall: 留言板 (n. "leave-message board")
    Comment: 评论 (n.&v.)
    Reply: 回复/回覆 (n.&v.)

    But of course, Information industry is still fast developing. The Internet culture is changing day by day. There are some variants for these kind of terms.
    E.g. Comment: 留言 (n.&v. "leave message")
    Reply: 回帖/回贴 (n.&v. "reply post")
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