1. bcozican New Member

    South Africa
    Can anyone please translate the following into english for me please. i know the spelling is horrible but i got this message and dont know what it means... thanks a million!!

    bonjour ma chérie, comment tale vous? comme ce comme sa.. dakar.. mardi un mercredi? j'aime mon ange
  2. Missrapunzel

    Missrapunzel Senior Member

    French (France)
    Hello my darling, how are you? so and so.... alright.... tuesday or wednedsay. I love my angel.
  3. yeyiboub Senior Member

    Firstly, let's write it in good French : Bonjour ma chérie, comment allez-vous ? Comme ci, comme ça... dakar... mardi ou mercredi ? Je vous aime mon ange.
    What I wrote in bold letters is the passage I'm not sure of, because I can't be sure of what the person wanted to say.
    In English : Hello my darling, how are you ? So-so. Dakar... On Tuesday or Wednesday ? I love you my angel.
    Hope it helps.

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