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Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by sppilar, Dec 19, 2012.

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    En una traducción sobre diferentes tipos de seguros, me encuentro con estos términos: commercial inland marine y floaters como parte de una lista de tipos de seguros comerciales. Lo que me dicen que cubren esos seguros es una lista de bienes con un determinado valor y que floaters es un término similar. Para floaters he encontrado "póliza flotante", pero no encuentro una traducción aceptable en español para "commercial inland marine". ¿Alguna sugerencia? Gracias!
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    It's usually left untranslated since it actually covers "transporte terrestre" and calling it "fluvial" could be confusing.
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    Thanks for the explanation. That was my first option more or less, but the insurer says it is related to "a schedule or list of covered items with a stated value. For personal it could be things like a watch ring artwork silver etc. Floater is another word for inland marine" So I'm confused...
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    Yes, I have found this definition at The Inland Marine Underwriters Association "Founded in 1930, IMUA serves as the collective voice of the U.S. inland marine insurance industry. With the support of its member companies, IMUA provides its members with education, research and communications services that support the inland marine underwriting discipline. Inland marine insurance is generally purchased to insure specialty or unique properties, such as construction, medical and telecommunications equipment, computers, fine art and cargo shipments."

    Thanks for your help. Although I don't like to leave terms without translation, this is one of the cases....

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