commitment or compromise?

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What do you say when someone invites you somewhere but, you have to do something or, you have to meet someone else by the time you've been invited? Is it correct if I say: Sorry I can't because I have a compromise.
If not, please help me how to say it correctly.

Bye for now
  • "Compromise" does not mean the same thing as its cognate in Spanish, so you can't use it here.

    Sorry, I can't because I have:

    a prior commitment.
    other plans.
    to go <somewhere>.
    to meet <someone>.
    a date that night.
    to work late.

    Or any other excuse (true or otherwise :)) that you want to give. The first two choices are rather abrupt. You do not have to provide a fuller explanation; but, if you know the person well (or want to get to know them well), then it would be polite and friendly to do so.
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