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Discussion in 'Cultural Discussions' started by cestdurlavie, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. cestdurlavie

    cestdurlavie New Member

    Paris, France!
    English living in France

    What are some common internet slang in other languages? I know in English we use lol, lmao...and so forth. I think it would be interesting to see what some other ones are! Sorry again if this has been threaded already...just curious!

  2. IloveAlaysia

    IloveAlaysia Member

    United States
    English, USA
    hmm... w/e (whatever), ttly (as either totally or talk to you later.) bbr (be right back), yr (year or yeah right)....I'll think of more, just give me time!
  3. ellas! Member

    Bristol, England
    England, English
    I think in Spanish they say "jeje" instead of "hehe"? But I'm not sure about that.

    Also g2g (got to go).

    I'm interested too lol :)
  4. lupei

    lupei Senior Member

    That's right, in Spain we say "jeje", not hehe. But for example if someone tells you a joke, you laugh with "jaja", because it is stronger.

    We use as well the numbers: a2 (adiós)...
    tq= te quiero (tqm= te quiero mucho)

    xq=porque, xa=para

    your "yep" is our "sip", your "nope" our "nop"

    what does lol mean?

    salu2 (saludos)
  5. ellas! Member

    Bristol, England
    England, English
    lol = laugh out loud. it's just laughing really.

    how come adios is a2?! and why does x become por/par?
  6. lupei

    lupei Senior Member

    how come adios is a2?! and why does x become por/par?

    a2 would be read as "ados", which is very similar to "adios".
    and "x" (in its multiplying meaning) it's read as (por). I mean, you say:

    2x2 is read as "2 multiplied by 2". In Spanish...
    2x2 is read as "2 por 2"

    That's why.
  7. luis masci

    luis masci Banned

    salu2 (saludos)

    5 comentarios :)
  8. Laia

    Laia Senior Member

    Catalan, Spanish
    estás = tas
    estoy = toi or toy
    contesta = cnt
    porque can be "xq" or also "pq"
    etc etc etc jejeje
  9. IloveAlaysia

    IloveAlaysia Member

    United States
    English, USA
    cya (see ya), l8r (later), y (why?), ic (I see or OIC as oh, i see.), thnx (thanks), wb (welcome back)

  10. Laia

    Laia Senior Member

    Catalan, Spanish
    xfa = por favor
    bso = beso
    k = ca --> ksa (casa), ksi (casi)
    wpa = guapa
    wpo = guapo
  11. natasha2000

    natasha2000 Senior Member

    The Spaniards WRITE "jejeje", but thy read it as "hehehe". The Spanish letter J is pronounced as H in English, for example in the word HELLO.
    That's why they write "jejejejej" or "jajajajaj", and not "hehehehe" or "hahahah". The letter H in Spanish is never pronounced so, imagine how would they pronounce "heheheh" or "hahahah".;)
  12. nanel Senior Member

    Madrid (Spain)
    Spain (Spanish)
    I have also seen in English:

    IMO: In my opinion
    BTW: By the way
    ETA: Eddited to add.
    4U: For you.
    2U: To you.
    Thx: Thanks

    In Spanish:

    p.ej: por ejemplo. In English I think it is i.e.
    t = te
    m = me
    mñn = mañana

    In both

    wow = guau (same sound, different writting).

    Let me think about it and I'll find more.
  13. GenJen54

    GenJen54 Senior Member

    Downright Pleasant, USA
    USA - English
    This is a gentle reminder to please answer cestdurlavie's original post by providing chatspeak abbreviations in languages other than English.

    We're already starting a nice list in Spanish, what about French, German, Italian, Portuguese?

    Thank you.
  14. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
  15. olita New Member

    polish, Poland
    i can speak about polish ones:) we use a lot of english slang (btw, brb, thx)
    my friends and i use a spanish ones too.
    my favorite one is in spanish: xxxooo ( besos y abrazos) kisses and hugs x- its look like a kiss (imagine your lips) and o like a hug (here look on the arms:))
    i'll think about real polish ones but i think theres few
    un bso
  16. Vanda

    Vanda Moderesa de Beagá

    Belo Horizonte, BRASIL
    Português/ Brasil
    More words in Portuguese:

    aki (aqui) - here
    moh (maior) - bigger
    eh (é) - is
    vc- (você) - you
    bjs (beijos) - kisses
    q (que ) - what/that
    tbm (também) - too
    pq (porque) - why/ because
    tah (está) - is
    naum (no) - não
    kero (quero) - I want
    hehehehe- like jejejejeje (Spanish)
    hahahaha- (laughing a lot)
  17. tenballax New Member

    North Carolina, USA
    USA- English
    Mod Edit: Please post only chat slang in languages other than English, per post # 13 above. Thank you.

    question: what would '2' stand for in spanish (in context: pensemos asi lo 2 quieres)
  18. ellas! Member

    Bristol, England
    England, English
    Wouldn't it stand for "tu"? That's just a guess though.
  19. GenJen54

    GenJen54 Senior Member

    Downright Pleasant, USA
    USA - English
    Actually, upon reading the thread again, it looks as if lupei has answered the question in Post # 6, above.

    2 = dos in Spanish
  20. nycphotography

    nycphotography Senior Member

    I do be learnin stuff
    John-Paul Miller, NYC
    To add to Vanda's portuguese list (Compiled from a few different sources)

    n = não
    s = sim
    d = de
    q = que
    vc = você
    tb = também
    kd = cadê
    tc = teclar
    pq = porque
    aki = aqui
    axo = acho
    qq = qualquer
    + = mais ou mas
    d++ = demais
    bjs = beijos
    blz = beleza

    Interestingly, the unaccented IM versions may be longer than the accented ones:

    Além dessa "contenção", houve também um desmoronamento da pontuação e da acentuação (é=eh, não=naum), nos enviando à fonética das palavras e não mais à etimologia.

    Finally, here is an interesting list for Portuguese. My favorites?
    Nomidade? = nom e idade = name and age = ASL?
    ctaí? = você está aqui = u there?
  21. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
  22. Lu_international Member

    Italian - Spain

    cmq: comunque (however)
    xao: ciao (hello/bye)
    tvtb: ti voglio tanto bene (I love you so much)
    xkè: Perchè (why)

    to= todo (everything)
    pa= para (to)
    s= es (is)
    mu /muxo= mucho (very)
    ay = allí, ay (there, auch!)
    ta lego= hasta luego (good-bye)
    ta mñn= hasta mañana (see you tomorrow)

    o= au
  23. gian_eagle

    gian_eagle Senior Member

    Peru - Castellano
    y no creen que hablar como "tas, toy.. etc" como lenguaje al español podría deformar el idioma a la larga?

    Si a los moderadores les parece que esto debe abrir un nuevo, favor de hacerlo.
  24. Lu_international Member

    Italian - Spain
    a mi parecer, lo que mas deforma el idioma es la utilización de LL e Y sin diferencias, como Yamar en vez que llamar (yo lo hago pero sé cuál es la correcta pero los chicos jóvenes que aún están aprendiendo pueden liarse) y conozco a gente que pone LLo en vez que Yo , o gente que confunde la Z la C y la S, pero bueno eso depende de cada uno, de la pronunciación del país que lleva a confusiones, como la B y la V en españa, en italia nunca se confundirán porque se pronuncian diferente, pero en españa se pronuncian exactamente igual
  25. gian_eagle

    gian_eagle Senior Member

    Peru - Castellano
    Realmente el lenguaje por internet es un nuevo "dialecto"
  26. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
  27. Heba

    Heba Senior Member

    Coventry, England
    Egypt, Arabic
    In Arabic:
    isa= ensha2 allh ان شاء الله ( God willing)
  28. Mathilde Dioux

    Mathilde Dioux Senior Member

    Grenoble, France
    French - France
    Hi !
    OK, in French now :
    slt ! (salut = hi)
    slt tlm (salut tout le monde = hi everybody)
    dsl (desole = sorry)
    mdr (mort de rire = doubled up) (lol is used as well)
    ouikainde (week-end, with a French spelling)
    c (c'est = it is)
    pkoi (pourquoi = why)

    That's all I can recall for the moment ...
  29. gOgO

    gOgO Member

    France, Bretagne
    france (Normandie)
    In french :

    ac (avec = with)
    kikou (coucou = hi)
    ouè ( ouai = yeah)
    koi 2 9 ( quoi de neuf ? = how are you <== I'm not sure of the translation)
    g ( j'ai = I have)
    ptdr (pété de rire , stronger than "mdr")
    @+ ( à plus = see you )
  30. Benjy

    Benjy Senior Member

    Milton Keynes, UK
    English - English
    vi/ui for oui as well :)
  31. Benjy

    Benjy Senior Member

    Milton Keynes, UK
    English - English
    ke = que
    s'ke = ce que
    ki = qui
    s'ki = ce qui
    mé = mais

    j c ke c nul mé bon.. tlm fait :s
  32. Poetic Device

    Poetic Device Senior Member

    New Jersey
    English, USA
    • @ - At (as in LOL@you)
    • 4COL - For crying out loud
    • AF - Aunt Flo (a woman's period)
    • BBS - Be back soon
    • BF - Breastfeeding
    • BIAB - Back in a bit
    • BIL - Brother-in-Law
    • BRB - Be right back
    • BTW - By the way
    • CYA - See ya
    • DD - (Dear) Daughter
    • DH - (Dear) Husband
    • DP - (Dear) Partner
    • DS - (Dear) Son
    • FIL - Father-in-Law
    • FYI - For your information
    • HPK or HPT - Home pregnancy kit/test
    • HTH - Hope to hear (from you soon)
    • HW - Hardware
    • IMHO - In my humble opinion
    • JK - Just kidding
    • JMHO - Just my humble opinion
    • KWIM - Know what I mean?
    • LOL - Laughing out loud
    • MC - Miscarriage
    • MIL - Mother-in-Law
    • NAW - Need a wee
    • NN - Night night
    • O - Ovulation/ovulate
    • OMG - Oh my gosh (God)
    • OTT - Over the top
    • PIMP - Peeing in my pants
    • PITA - Pain in the a---
    • PM - Private message
    • PMS - Pre-menstrual syndrome
    • PMT - Pre-menstrual tension
    • RHE - Rolling her/his eyes
    • ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
    • ROFLMAO - Rolling on the floor laughing my a--- off
    • RT - Real time (as opposed to virtual)
    • SIL - Sister-in-Law
    • SO - Significant other
    • SW - Software
    • TBD - The baby dance (same as TTC)
    • TTC - Trying to conceive
    • TTY - Talk to you
    • TY - Thank you
    • WTG - Way to go
    • YW - You're welcome
  33. maxiogee Banned

    Why are the following "common" on the internet?

    What sort of conversations do you get into? :eek:
  34. Poetic Device

    Poetic Device Senior Member

    New Jersey
    English, USA

    :eek: Sorry. I have a huge list of short hands on my computer and I just highlighted and copied and pasted into here. I figured I would drop hints Jersey style. lol. :D

    Let me make up for it:
    addy = address
    afaik = as far as I know
    afk = away from keyboard
    aight = allright
    asl = age sex location
    atm = at the moment
    bbias = be back in a sec
    bbl = be back later
    bbs = be back soon
    bf = boyfriend
    dc = disconnected
    dl = download
    dw = dont worry
    gf = girlfriend
    g2g = got to go
    gfx = graphics
    gg = good game
    gl = good luck
    gn = good night
    imho = in my humble opinion
    imo = in my opinion
    jk = just kidding
    kk = ok
    lmao = laughing my a** off
    lol = laughing out loud
    omg = oh my god
    rofl = rolling on the floor laughing
    stfu - shut the f**k up
    ttyl = talk to you later
    ul = upload
    w/e = whatever
    wb = welcome back
    wd = well done
    wtf = what the f**k

    Is that better?
  35. starryeyed15 Member

    United states english
    for the quoi de neuf means like how are you or a basic whats happening/whats up
  36. argentina84

    argentina84 Senior Member

    Göteborg, Sweden
    Argentina Spanish
    Yeah, right! And we also use jijiji.
  37. biocrite Senior Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    English and Hindi

    This is funny to me, because in America too, we use XOXO, but we would say "hugs and kisses," because to us X represents hugging arms, and O represents the pucker of a kiss.


  38. sokol

    sokol Senior Member

    Vienna, Austria; raised in Upper Austria
    Austrian (as opposed to Australian)
    Well, in German what is used most are the English internet slang words and abbreviations.
    There are only a very few that I know of which are originally German, as follows:

    - DAU Dümmster anzunehmender User = the-silliest-possible-user-one-could-(and-should)-imagine (formed after "GAU" = "grösster anzunehemder Unfall" = "worst-case accident scenario" which could be for example a melting core of an atomic power plant)
    - LG = Liebe Grüsse = Greetings/ Best Wishes/ Cheers/ ... (whatever your preferences are; it's just a simple greeting)
    - mfg = Mit freundlichen Grüssen = the same as LG but more formal
    - KA = keine Ahnung = no idea at all
    - SIG = Signatur = signature
    - WE = Wochenende = weekend [<- this one actually could be an English one - WeekEnd ...]
    - vllt = vielleicht = probably
    - g (or) gg (or) ggg = grins (= what is written in cartoons to signify that a person is grinning; and: the more 'g', the more laughing); also many versions for mischievous grins (fg), etc.
    - HDL = hab dich lieb = love you
    - LMAA = leck mich am A**** (vulgar) = FU in English

    The ones which are really rather universal and widely understood are 'g', 'mfg', 'LG', 'WE' and probably 'KA' - these also might be used for SMS communication.

    (Of the German Wiki list I took only the ones I came across already as I have no way of being sure if the other are authentitc, or restricted to certain forms of chat only. You'll be surprised to know most from this list, as they are English. :)
    Certainly there exist a few more (German ones!) than listed here; these are only the ones I remember right now and have found on the www for confirmation.)
  39. valskyfrance Senior Member

    very interesting and cool.
  40. avellanainphilly

    avellanainphilly Senior Member

    Catalan, Spanish
    Same idea in Catalan, but with a different number

    a10 = a + deu = adéu (goodbye)
    it can also be spelt 'dw'
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