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  1. Diadem Senior Member

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    How do you translate the phrase "common ligatures" (in nominative case) into MSA?
  2. Harry Potter-Egypt Member

    الأواصر المشتركه-
    الروابط المشتركه-
  3. إسكندراني

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    What do you mean by common and what do you mean by ligature?
    Do you mean widespread typographic ligatures?
    Or 'links in common'? - This seems to be the translation above.
  4. Diadem Senior Member

    USA (English)
    This is one of many ligatures used in Arabic: لا

    How do you say the phrase "the ligatures" (note: plural, nominative, and definite) in Arabic with diacritical marks (Harakhaat)? Nevermind the word "common."
  5. barkoosh Senior Member

    This Wikipedia article call them تركيبات حرفية.

    تَرْكِيبَاتٌ حَرْفِيَّةٌ
  6. إسكندراني

    إسكندراني Senior Member

    أرض الأنجل
    عربي (مصر)ـ | en (gb)
    Never use Wikipedia unless it refers to a clear source next to the term.
    I found a source that uses تركيبات (Morocco)
    And another that uses رباط (Saudi)
    And yet another that uses أكثر من حرف مدمج في نفس الوحدة (Iraq)
    And a fourth that uses حروف مترابطة (Lebanon)
    And a fifth that uses حرفان متصلان (Saudi)
    And a sixth that uses ربطة (UN / office in Egypt) - though this may refer to the term in a more general sense.
    And a seventh that uses حرف مزدوج (Lebanon) - And this is my favourite - معجم المصطلحات الألسنية للدكتور مبارك مبارك
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