Common noun or proper noun

Tia jennifer

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Army,air force,navy and police are common nouns. But what about when a specific army, air force, navy or police is concerned.
For example
He has joined the Indian police recently.
Is 'Indian police' a proper noun here? And if it is then should we capitalize the 'p' of police also ?
  • Keith Bradford

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    The police is a common noun, whatever its nationality. The Indian Police Service (Bhāratīya Pulis Sevā) or IPS is a proper noun. I'm against capitalising common nouns without good cause - it was an 18th-century fashion that does not need reviving.


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    'Indian' itself is capitalised because it is a proper adjective.

    The phrase 'Indian police' (or 'Sri Lankan police' or 'Egyptian police') is not a proper name. (I use 'proper name' to mean one or more words that forms a name. A proper noun is a single noun that functions as a name.) The particular police force itself might have a name (Scotland Yard, City of London Police, Indian Police Service - all these are proper names).
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