Communia proprie, propria communiter.


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This saying appears in the preface to Chambers's Cyclopaedia and, quoting Chambers, in Diderot's article on encyclopedias in his Encyclopédie. I have futzed with this but I have only managed to confuse myself. What would be a good English translation? Thank you for your help.
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    [To express} common things properly, and proper things commonly. "Proper/ly" might not be the best word for it, but in the context, the author explains that it means to express common ideas so that even a scholar can benefit from the explanation, and to explain more erudite ideas in such a way that someone less learned may grasp them.


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    Should a meaning proprius = own (referring to 'property') really be ruled out?
    Common things should be private property, what is private property should be in common.
    Talking about ideas, the metaphorical meaning could be the same in the end as explained by Snodv.

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    Il metodo utilizzato: esprimere il significato (meaning) popolare in modo appropriato e divulgare il significato proprio.
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