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Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by bixa, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. bixa New Member

    ...including any rights under community property...
    trying to translate into Spanish - any help?
  2. lauranazario

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    Hi Bixa... and welcome to the forum.

    I assume this is legal terminology... so could you please tell us which legal system is the source and where/what country is your translation intended for? The reason I ask is because different countries may have different legal names for certain concepts.

  3. David

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    masa comunal, bienes generales, bienes matrimoniales, bienes comunes de los cónyugues,

    depends on the use...
  4. bixa New Member

    I'm in the north-eastern part of US, and the couple comes from Mexico. Therefore am trying to translate into the most general and understandable spanish for their benefit. My language study background is in Castillian.

    The translation is for a Pre-Nuptial Agreement.
  5. lauranazario

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    Puerto Rico
    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    Thnks Bixa, that helps a lot.

    You could use the term "sociedad de bienes gananciales"... which is the 50-50 'partnership' that is created when two people marry. All assets acquired under this partnership are "ganancias" or earnings for each member.

  6. cuchuflete

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    Hola Bixa,

    Here's why Laura's question is so important: You may be providing, you think, an 'informational' translation of a Pre-nup agreement. But if the marriage fails, the translated document may be used in, for example, a Mexican court, where the choice of language becomes critical.


  7. bixa New Member

    muchas gracias por todo - thanks a bunch everyone!

    Would the term "marital property" be the same or would "propiedad marital" suffice?
  8. rgrullarth New Member

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    I think so that means.....

    incluye cualquiera de los derechos bajo bien comunitario.
    incluyendo cualquiera de los derechos bajo bien comunitario.

  9. estibalita New Member

    En México usamos "bienes mancomunados".

    for future reference...!
  10. angelik18 Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Thank you!!! I can't believe I forgot this term...

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