Como pedir un taxi?

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    :) Hola a todos en este forum.
    Como pedir un taxi por telefono en Ingles y cuales son los datos que te piden???.
    Nesecito ir a un sitio donde tengo un appointment,estoy segura de que debo decir mi direccion y la direccion del sitio a donde tengo que ir,pero uds me diran.
    Gracias,pasen buenas noches.
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    Good Morning, I would like to book a cab/taxi for Havana.
    Where do you need it?
    At my residence. Kindly note down the adress. It is "such and such"
    When do you need it?
    After two hours.
    Where in Havana would you like to go?
    Well, I have an appiontment at "such and such place" located at "such and such adress" and at "such and such time".
    When do you intend to come back?
    It'd be just a two hours meeting and after that we'd come back.
    Well in that case it would cost you "such and such amount".
    That's ok.
    So we'll be there with you exactly in two hours.

    You can fill in the details you want where i mentioned such and such.

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