como vaya viniendo vamos viendo


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I'd appreciate help in understanding this phrase, which I found in a Venezuelan newspaper sidebar in Ultimas Noticias. The sidebar is describing the emerging consumer, who is from the lower economic stratum. Thanks in advance for your help.

Here is the context:
Gastón compulsivo
No ahorra, se identifica con la frase "como vaya viniendo vamos viendo"; siempre compra productos de marca y a la moda. No compara precios, compra cuando le provoca y a fin de mes o quincena ya no tiene dinero.
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    It means that that person isn't thinking about the future and spends the money that way, as the money comes, he/she decides what to do with it.


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    The general meaning is: we keep on looking as it keeps on coming" so it is describing how emerging consumers have no resistance to the bombardment of products they are faced with. They don't compare prices, and just buy when incited, and have no money left by the end of the month.


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    That makes perfect sense. Thanks very much for your help, Nanel.
    Hi, a belated addition to your discussion: This is in fact a well-known catchphrase from a Venezuelan soap (Por estas Calles). It's basic meaning is "easy come, easy go" or "take life as it comes" -- or maybe "grab whatever's going" (the philosophy of the character concerned).
    See the Wikipedia article to learn more.
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