comotoase [comatose]


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Hi, I am wondering what the expression 'comotoase' means in the Red Dwarf (a comic sci-fi BBC series) bizzare lyrics? The second strophe goes like this:

"I want to lie, shipwrecked and comotoase, drinking fresh mango juice..."

Anything to do with 'coma'?

(the whole lyrics is online - just search for 'red dwarf lyrics')

Thank you!
  • It looks like it should be "comatose" to me. :)

    Note to other forum members: Does anyone recognize "comotoase" as a usual spelling? (I've learned not to assume that my way to spell a word is the only way to spell a word) :D
    Hi kamilka, and welcome to the forums!

    That would be comatose, I think.

    In other words, I agree with lablady:)
    Ok, makes sense, the spelling probably copies the bizarreness of the lyrics itself.

    Maybe a British accent?

    Anyway, thank you both very much for your answers and for the welcome as well :)